November 2021


I am reminded again of this great definition of faith in Romans 4.  Abraham was given a promise that was humanly impossible to fulfil, yet the father of faith trusted God’s word, ‘being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised.’  We have endured a season of great trial for God’s people.  God has taken us through a most turbulent time and many of us have had to persevere through multiple hardships.  We mourn with those who have lost loved ones, and we take hands with those who have suffered financial and material loss in these difficult days. 

But, like Abraham, we need not waver in unbelief.  Our God is faithful to do what He has promised. The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ is testimony to a God who keeps His promise to save those who will trust in Him.  Our sin is paid for in Christ’s death, our life is secured in His resurrection. Hallelujah! Whatever trial we are called to endure, this is our cause for joy.  Our God fulfils His salvation promises.  We can trust unwaveringly in that hope – and hold out that hope to others.

This Christmas is a season for proclaiming that Hope.  We point beyond the hope of an end to COVID19 to the true and certain hope of eternal life through faith in Christ Jesus.    This is a message our world desperately needs to hear. May God empower us to deliver this eternal Word of hope over this coming Christmas season.


It is now almost two years since lockdown regulations began.  What a crazy and unpredictable time it has been for all of us!  We are grateful for some easing of restrictions, but we are aware that uncertainties still lie ahead of us.  There is much to keep us on our knees.

There is also much to give thanks for. We are so grateful to God for carrying us through this turbulent time.  Satan did his worst to divide and devour us, but ‘greater is He that is in us than is in the world’ (1 Jn.4:4).  God’s church has prevailed, and we give Him all the glory!


This final term has allowed for me to resume church visits and there have been a number of most encouraging visits to congregations around the country. I have been able to visit REACH-SA churches almost every Sunday this term and it is so heart-warming to see how God’s people have held together through these lockdown months.  There are hundreds of stories that bear testimony to the faithfulness of our God to His people.  Many believers opened their hearts and pockets to help others and that is a powerful testimony to the Spirit’s work among our congregations.  Yes, there were difficulties and troubles, but even in those the Lord has worked for Kingdom good.  Amen!

St James Kenilworth
Confirmation Service

Christ Church Paarl
Confirmation Service

Christ Church Strand

Christ Church Hillcrest
Thanksgiving Service

Christ Church Cascades
Ordination Service

Christ Church Sandton 
Ordination Service

The Role of Women’s Ministry in our Churches

This year we convened REACH-SA’s first online Synod.  Although there were many challenges to this format, we are grateful that, overall, the event went very well and some significant motions were passed.  One of the major decisions was the successful motion to recognize women deacons. We look forward to implementing the details around these changes in the new year.  

Carrie Sandom spoke on women’s ministry at our Synod in 2018. These short videos give us a very helpful understanding of the role of women’s ministry in our churches:


  • Pray for the many families grieving the loss of loved ones over this COVID season.
  • Give thanks for peaceful local government elections and pray that responsible leadership will be the order of the day in our communities.
  • Pray for our Government, that the Lord would empower them to lead rightly and justly over these
  • Pray for God to draw people to Himself through the preaching of the Word this Christmas season.
  • Pray that the Lord would unite His people around the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. May this gospel cause us to join hands in ministry to the lost and downtrodden and hold out the hope of eternal life to all people in our land.

May the Lord sustain and uphold you all and may He use us to proclaim His salvation and fill the halls of heaven over this Christmas season.

The Lord is faithful, and He will do it.

Hamba iEvangelie, Hamba!

iNkosi Sibusise


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