June 2021


Greetings Fellow Workers

It has become almost normative to include news about fluctuating COVID waves and resulting regulations and I’m sure we are all feeling weary and even frustrated at this ongoing crisis.  Its also clear that various voices of dissent and division are growing louder as this pandemic continues. This is not unusual in a time of great uncertainty and I can only caution everyone to be discerning in the face of so much misinformation and misdirection.  We are not convinced of arguments in certain quarters that COVID19 is some sort of global hoax or a plot against the church. Yes, the evil one is at work and using any opportunity to attack Christ’s church, but we are still dealing with a pandemic and not a targeted persecution.  Let us, therefore, prayerfully strive to navigate these storms with a Biblical compass.

I remind you all again that our leadership are committed to engaging with Government on behalf of our churches, we lobby for fair regulations that ensure our gatherings are not unnecessarily hindered or restricted.  We are, however, in agreement with evidence pointing to essential precautions that need to be adhered to over this time.  We are receiving more and more reports of COVID infections, several of our ministers and members have been seriously ill in recent weeks. Thankfully, only a handful of deaths have been reported and we pray this will remain low.  Given the current infection rates, we believe it may be necessary for churches in hotspot areas to temporarily move to online services (some are already doing this).  We are expecting further government restrictions to be announced soon.  If there is uncertainty with regards to any of the regulations, please contact our Admin office for clarification.  


  • Keep praying for recovery for the many ministry workers and members who are infected with the virus. (Too many names to list here)
  • Pray for wisdom for the REACH-SA leadership as they determine best practice and plans for Synod, conferences, outreaches etc.
  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance as Synod prepares to discuss and vote on various important motions that are coming from our Area councils.
  • Pray for George Whitefield College as the students pursue their studies with the extra challenges of COVID restrictions.

Lastly, dear friends, I encourage you all to look to the Lord in these difficult days.  Despite many hardships and setbacks, I regularly receive reports of amazing conversions across the country. Even though many ‘normal’ channels are closed, online and small group networks have produced some wonderful gospel breakthroughs. Our God is at work!  We must not lose heart as we know that the Lord has His good Kingdom purposes in place, even in these strange times.  

Mayibuye iAfrika ku Jesu

Glenn Lyons  

 “UJehova ungamandla abantu bakhe;
uyinqaba yensindiso yogcotshiweyo wakhe.
Sindisa abantu bakho, ubusise ifa lakho, ubaluse,
ubathwale kuze kube phakade.” (Ps.28:8,9)


The Presiding Bishop has been busy visiting the various regional leadership meetings as well as fulfilling several preaching engagements around the country.

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COVID Vaccine Registration

The government has invited health care workers and people over 60 to enroll for their COVID vaccine. Please follow the link to register.

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