As I expected, the conspiracy theories are flying across social media during this COVID-19 crisis. Some are clearly foolish, but others are catching people out and fuelling panic and fear. One of the most prominent conspiracy theories is the relationship between COVID-19 and the 5G cell phone network. This ‘prophetic warning’ is being passed via a long WhatsApp voice message spoken by a well-educated sounding English person who claims to ‘operate in the prophetic’ and who ‘once owned a telecommunications company’. The gist of his message is:
  • There is a global corporate plot to reduce the world’s population (to such a sinister extent that it makes Thanos look like a nice guy).
  • Google, Amazon and others, like Bill Gates, are mentioned as those using the 5G network (which was first rolled out in Wuhan, China) to emit powerful radiation that is causing “cell poisoning” which results in virus like symptoms causing eventual death. This is why the countries with the most 5G networks are suffering the most cases (China, Italy, UK, USA). He also claims that the 1918 Spanish Flu virus was caused by radio waves as were other historic outbreaks.
  • The government roll out of COVID-19 testing stations is being used as a cover to actually infect people coming for testing so that the claim of a viral epidemic can be substantiated.
  • When the vaccine is eventually introduced it will be a false vaccine that actually puts ‘markers’ in your blood system that attract more 5G radiation to you! (A clear ‘anti-vaccine’ stance is made.)
  • Churches are being shut down because it means we cannot gather together for worship which ‘reduces our frequency’ and our spiritual power to counteract the evil forces at work in the world.
Sadly, these outrageous claims are being taken seriously, even by clergy and other church leaders. Some things to note:
  • There is no medical or scientific support for the 5G network being any more dangerous or damaging than 4G or any other radio network (there are ongoing debates about radiation waves from cell phone towers and their possible links to cancer, but the American Cancer  Association considers it very low risk). I have been in contact with a senior Christian physician who assures me that, from a medical point of view, any claims of a link to 5G and the COVID-19 virus are ludicrous.
  • The 5G network was  not rolled out in Wuhan , but actually in South Korea and parts of the USA. The virus is not just spreading in countries with the 5G network. Iran, for example, has no 5G and has a high infection rate. (Its ironic that the conspiracy theory itself is spreading like a virus across global 5G networks!)
  • There is no evidence for a vaccine conspiracy and medical research has shown again and again how beneficial vaccines have been (particularly in Africa) in helping to reduce mortality rate.
  • A full list of false conspiracy theories and their origins is on Wikipedia.
Some important points that Christians need to bear in mind. Many of these  conspiracy theories are built on poor theology and take advantage of people’s fear and uncertainty in times of crisis. This is irresponsible at best. To advocate resisting important virus testing and vaccination is extremely dangerous and possibly even criminal. (It is illegal to pass on false reports in RSA). The Lord does not need us to gather together and worship in order to ‘raise our frequency’ and so overcome the evil forces by the combined power of our worship. Our worship is not the cause of God’s power, but rather a response to it (e.g. The Red Sea rescue: Exodus 13:17-15:21). There is certainly a spiritual conspiracy theory at work in our world and the Bible is very clear on that (e.g. 1 John 2:18f). Satan will do whatever it takes to distract us from the saving message of the gospel. As long as the devil keeps us running scared and obsessing over way out claims, he will keep us from focussing on the work Jesus has called us to do. Our God given task is to prayerfully declare His saving gospel to the nations and make disciples walking in faithful obedience to Christ (Matt.28:18f). This is the work we are to be about as we await Christ’s return. We ‘keep watch’ not by endless hours of end time speculation, but by our ongoing work for the gospel. This is how the Master wants to find us when he returns ‘at an hour we do not expect’ (Matthew 24:42-44) The responsible thing for every believer to do now is certainly to pray. Pray not just for an end to this viral epidemic but also for us to use the time rightly for the growth of the gospel. Pray too for discernment because many more alarmist theories will come our way. Sadly, the greatest alarm of all is being lost in all this conspiracy noise. The alarming truth that all of us will die and face judgement (Hebrews 9:27). We have the good news of rescue from Hell through the saving death of Jesus on the cross for our sins. That is the real message we ought to be spreading across our social networks in these critical days.

3 thoughts on “The End is Nigh?”

  1. Thank you for the clear message on focusing on what WILL make the nation to go forward…ability to discern what is true to be taken in.

    Oh, that we Christian believers WILL focus on engaging in what we know to do, thus obeying the Great Commission of our Lord with prayerfulness and let our faithful God be ALWAYS in control, even at such a time as this.

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